Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23 Picks - MCGC, GGAL, SINA, POWI, GPOR

Monday November 22 Picks

GGAL: +1.11%
TZOO: +3.02%
ONXX: -1.49%
VVUS: -2.90%
WSTL: -2.17%

Tuesday November 23 Picks

MCGC: http://screencast.com/t/XGXYb8f9A

GGAL: http://screencast.com/t/p5R41jhWWMH as a multi-day swing position

SINA: http://screencast.com/t/3ogsnlxaZ

POWI: http://screencast.com/t/uY6kDTeC

GPOR: http://screencast.com/t/oSM6F0wy as a multi-day swing position

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22 Picks

Friday November 19 Picks

WSTL: -0.31%
GLUU: -3.48%
BSDM: -4.71%

UNTD: -1.98%
LLNW: +0.46%

Monday November 22 Picks

GGAL: Great low-volume tight bull flag

TZOO: Continuing after breakout

ONXX: Flagging tight

VVUS: Swing opportunity with tight stop around 6.3

WSTL: Posting again because this one still looks good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 19 - LLNW, GLUU, BSDM, UNTD, WSTL

Performance of yesterday's picks:
ACLS: +5.62%
AXTI: +6.10%
MERC: +3.07%

SMSI: +4.55%
TMRK: +4.65%

FYI, the market gapped up significantly today, so there was tremendous positive bias. Don't expect 5% daily movers to be the norm.

Here are picks for Friday November 19:

WSTL: Tapped the 10 day MA last couple days and found immediate support, holding the pre-gap November 12 high. Fade in volume during last three down days is encouraging. Weekly chart (not shown) is also strong.


UNTD: Faded after the spike but held the 200 day MA and now also has support from the 20 day MA. Volume more than doubled today. A stop below the 200 day MA is less than 3% removed from the closing price today.


BSDM: This company probably has the worst ticker in existence right now but they've got a constructively bullish chart. Extremely low volume last two days as it undergoes time and price corrections after the rapid run from November 4 - November 12. Holding November 8 spike highs. Stop placement is discretionary, the November 16 low of 5.75 can be used.


GLUU: Forming a bull flag after the November 10 spike. Long wicks and tails are being printed, so a wider stop might be advisable. The 10 day MA has held as support since the spike. Weekly chart shows a high and tight long-legged doji following the November 10 breakout.


LLNW: The strange November 9-12 island gap apparently failed, but the retrace has held the October highs around 6.3-6.4 for the last three days. This October high level (lateral red line) provides a decently tight stop level of 4-5%. The 10 week MA is also less than 7% removed from today's closing price. This is a good support buy in its current state but holding following a close below the October highs is inadvisable.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i got 5 on it - ACLS, AXTI, MERC, SMSI, TMRK

TMRK: This one got crushed day before yesterday (November 16) to the tune of -3% with the rest of the market, but found support at the November 2 breakout close and printed a doji today (November 17). The volume today was far from stellar (as it to be expected with dojis) but the volume on the pullback in the previous 5 days of trading was far lower than the share turnover during the November 2 - November 10 run. Bears were also unable to get the stock to even test the 20 day moving average. TMRK should continue higher; if not, there are easy exit levels below the 20-day moving average (10.83, about 3.5%) and the November 2 breakout close (11.03, about 1.5%).


SMSI: Pulled back with the market in the last few days but held the 20-day moving average the last two days (dotted green) and selling pressure faded considerably today. Still inside the November 4 spike candle. Benefit of the doubt goes to the bulls on this one. Stop can be set below the 20-day MA (very tight) or at the November 4 gap low of $12.96.


MERC: Great pattern on the pullback, printing significantly lower volume bars than the preceding spike. May test the 20-day moving average (dotted green) around $6. Expect a move higher soon.


AXTI: Orderly pullback. The volume was a little higher than ideal, but the October 29th gap low (7.45) provides an easy exit point. Seeing that the AXTI is very close to that point, there's a favorable risk-reward scenario being presented here. A bounce should yield at least 3-4% on the upside, while you're risking less than 2% with a stop-out. AXTI is also around an eight-year high on the long-term chart (not shown)


ACLS: Volume pattern is near-perf
ect. Huge share turnover on the run from 2.1 to 2.8, and low volume on the way back down to 2.5. Found support today before even touching the 20-day moving average, which bodes well considering all major indexes are below their respective 20 day MAs. Also note the weekly chart (2nd), which shows ACLS entering a large long-term gap. The 200-week moving average (dotted white) is separated from today's closing price by more than 30%. Plenty of opportunity to profit in this one.